Senior Developer (Full Stack)

Present Company are on the hunt for a permanent full stack senior developer.

The Present Company design and development team creates engaging and innovative products for our clients across web and mobile. As an experienced software developer, you’ll be a key addition to the team. The key qualities we are looking for in a candidate is someone who understands the nature of digital agency work with pragmatic problem solving, the ability to work with multidisciplinary teams, and confidence designing and owning solutions.

While this is an ‘on-tools’ role, we’re looking for someone who has a keen interest in architecting technical solutions and collaborating on products with our design and strategy teams. We want you to use your technical expertise to improve what we create - not merely close off tickets.

Soft skills

Here is a selection of soft skills which we are looking for in a candidate:

  • Great verbal and written communication skills.
  • Be a self starter: find ways to assist the team, improve processes, get a jump on upcoming projects or learn new skills when you have gaps in your schedule.
  • Offer a strong opinion on how you think problems should be solved.
  • Work closely with designers and offer informed critiques of their work. Be able to take healthy criticism from them in return.
  • Take a pragmatic approach to solving client problems. Find novel solutions which best fit the project constraints.
  • Own your work and vouch for its quality.
  • Have a broad understanding of what a digital agency does (social, production, media, strategy, design) and recognise how your skills can lift Present Company.
  • The ability to translate technical concepts into a form that can be understood by non-developers (both internal team and clients).
  • Solid time management and estimation skills. The ability to estimate how long it will take to do something, actioning the tasks efficiently and properly tracking that work in our project management system.

What you'll be doing as part of our team

From week to week you’ll be involved in the following types of jobs:

  • Developing applications and websites.
  • Writing tests to verify that our applications are working as expected.
  • Using Git to manage our code.
  • Working with the team to continuously improve our processes.
  • Collaborating with UX designers, strategists and project managers to design application architecture and scope web builds.
  • Contributing to internal research and prototyping projects which expand the capabilities of the team.
  • Learning new skills and working with new technologies to support new avenues of work for the agency.
  • Working with the wider team to plan our approach to solving client requirements.
  • Managing the planning, implementation and maintenance of our hosting infrastructure.
  • Reviewing the alerts generated by our monitoring systems to ensure our applications and hosting environments are working as expected.

What we would like you to have already

We’d expect you tick the following boxes:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 5+ years development experience.
  • General server-side development experience in open-source languages (we generally use Node.js and PHP but also like Python and Golang).
  • Previous experience working in a digital agency.
  • Understanding of core networking, web hosting, Unix and cloud computing concepts (we use Amazon Web Services).
  • Experience working with Chef (or an equivalent like Puppet or Ansible).
  • Experience working with Terraform (or an equivalent cloud orchestration tool like Amazon Cloud Formation).
  • An appreciation of micro service architectures (through AWS Lambda, Docker, Kubernetes etc.) and an understanding of when they are best utilised.
  • Experience with web packaging systems like Webpack and Gulp.
  • Experience with PHP MVC frameworks (like Symfony and Laravel).
  • Experience creating and consuming REST and GraphQL APIs.
  • Experience planning, documenting and implementing relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience planning and writing automated tests.
  • Experience with a modern Javascript web application framework (React/Vue preferred).
  • Experience scoping development projects.
  • CI/CD experience (through CircleCI, Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline, GitLab CI/CD or similar).
  • Confidence presenting ideas to internal stakeholders.
  • The right to work in Australia.


The skills below would be a massive asset to the team but are not key requirements for the role:

  • Mobile development experience (native, React Native or Flutter)
  • A curiosity about new and emerging technologies and the confidence to recommend the adoption of new approaches which benefit the development team.
  • An understanding of web performance, optimisation and accessibility.
  • The confidence and verbal skills to present solutions and ideas to clients.
  • Experience mentoring junior team members.
  • Experience working in an Agile team.

How to apply

If this role sounds like it matches your skills and experience then please send your CV and anything else of interest to