Design program manager

Present Company is expanding and on the hunt for an design program manager to join the team.

We're a strategy and design firm who believes understanding your customer is the most important and effective way to make business decisions. You will be joining a highly effective team of strategists, researchers, UX, UI, Visual designers and engineers working at the intersection of brand, product and experience. Last year was weird, but we came out swinging and are looking to scale our design efforts in both capacity and maturity.

What we’d like to see:

  • A deep understanding of multidisciplinary design processes and toolkits across Visual, Product, User Experience, Marketing, Motion, and Brand Design
  • Strong ability to distil vision and strategy for the team, get all members of cross-functional aligned with the combined point of view on how to solve user problems
  • An emphasis on user-driven product design and data-driven product refinement
  • Strong understanding of web and application development and design lifecycle. We want someone with an intuitive understanding for how design work gets done
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills. Be able to communicate the goals of the client and the ideas behind the work
  • An ability to motivate, support and work with everyone from our visual designers to our tech developers to our content strategists
  • Proven experience identifying and implementing solutions for improving client and design team delivery processes
  • Being able to quickly understand, simplify and communicate complex or technical concepts.
  • Strong appreciation for design and user experience

How to apply

If this sounds like you then please send your CV and anything else of interest to

Design @ PC

We judge our work against three simple principles, being:

  • Meaningful
  • Considered
  • Outcomes driven

Our aim is to deliver value in our work deep in the context of our clients’ businesses. Our team’s broad capability can frame, investigate, analyse, structure and apply customer understanding to drive immediate and long term impact. We do not simply handover deliverables: we aim to move beyond this into tangible impact.

Who will use your work

Internal - Our work is always structured and shared in a way that allows genuine translation of the information, not just passing on accountability. We care for and nurture the future life of our work, and our teams.

External - Our team is comfortable in developing and presenting design work as solutions that hold value at the business level. We deal in concept and abstracts that translate through a business into executional and operational directives.

The role, generally

We like deep generalists. You will know your strengths and we aim to enable you to define how you use them to lift the team around you. Without the ego though, we are driven but keep it chill.

This is not a come get told what to do type of role. We are looking for people that can deal with ambiguity and help us build unique outcome driven solutions. This will require you to work with the team to unpack briefs, challenge assumptions and find the opportunity for unforeseen value. Unlock that value, understand the data, build defensible recommendations and communicate those in the best possible way.

We don’t do process for process sake: we trust our team to develop bespoke methodologies according to the business need.

The vibe, generally

We work as an agency, but aren’t just an agency. We consult, but we’re not a consultancy. We build our our products and businesses, but we’re not just an incubator. Everyone works with a high degree of autonomy and we strain to keep the hierarchy as flat as possible.

The business model for our type of business hasn’t been solved, so we operate on lots of questions, to expect and provide plenty of support, and to be brave and clever.